US mill-grade aluminium scrap prices drift lower

The aluminium mill-grade scrap market in the United States is showing further signs of wear, with prices shrugging off steep gains on the London Metal Exchange due to ample supply and limited demand.

Despite the sharp uptick on the LME, some mill-grade scrap prices continued to succumb to downward pressure in Fastmarkets AMM’s assessment on Monday December 3. Prices for 5052 segregated low-copper alloy clips and 3105 segregated low-copper alloy clips narrowed downward by a penny to 83-84 cents per lb and 60-61 cents per lb respectively. All other prices were unchanged, with mixed low-copper alloy clips holding at 57-59 cents per lb and painted siding at 54-56 cents...


Bradley MacAulay

December 04, 2018

23:05 GMT