GLOBAL TIN WRAP: European premiums rise on supply tightness; China, US unchanged

The tin premium in Europe has continued on its uptrend amid Indonesian supply tightness, while the supply concern is yet to affect premiums in the United States and China.

Europe premiums have rallied on difficulty stemming from sourcing supply from Indonesia US tin premiums flat despite volatility on London Metal Exchange tin price The closed import window keeps Chinese premiums unchanged Indonesian supply tightness pushes European premiums up In Europe, the premium for 99.9% standard grade tin ingot with 300ppm lead content, on an in-warehouse Rotterdam basis, was assessed at $400-450 per tonne on Tuesday December 4, with market participants reporting increased difficulty sourcing material at a sub-$400-per-tonne premium level. Mounting concerns over a delay in Indonesian exports continue to keep premiums elevated, and with business concluded this week in the $450-per-tonne region, premiums are now more than 30% higher than levels in October. Export data published by the Indonesia Commodities & Derivatives Exchange (ICDX) showed that trades for exports dropped to a two-and-a-half-year low at 3,375 tonnes in November, which is half the September level of 8,270 tonnes and...


Hassan Butt

Michael Roh

Violet Li

December 05, 2018

12:05 GMT