CSN to focus on pellet feed as it increases iron ore output to 38 mln tonnes by 2023

Brazil’s Companhia Siderúrgica Nacional (CSN) plans to increase its iron ore production focusing on pellet feed products in the next five years, an investor presentation showed on Wednesday December 12.

The company estimates iron ore output will reach 38 million tonnes per year (tpy) in 2023, a third more than the 28.5 million tonne guidance for 2018. CSN expects to produce 31.5 million tonnes in 2019; 30.7 million tonnes in 2020; 31.2 million tonnes in 2021; and 36.6 million tonnes in 2022.

This expansion will be done through new filtering capacity and the development of the Itabirito plant near Casa de Pedra, its main mining asset. Pellet feed share of production will increase to 37.60% in 2023, from 12.30% expected this year. Itabirito has a forecast...


Renato Rostás

December 13, 2018

14:31 GMT

São Paulo