Aqua Metals nears completion of planned plant upgrades; lead processing to scale up in Q1 2019

Aqua Metals is nearing completion of the first phase of its two-stage capital improvement program, as well as implementing its plan to begin processing a portion of hard metallic lead into lead ingots.

The California, United States-based company, whose AquaRefining technology is designed to recycle lead in a room-temperature, water-based process that emits significantly less pollution, expects to reach neutral-to-positive contribution margin (selling price per unit minus costs) in the first quarter of 2019. This is expected to allow it to begin ramping up AquaRefining operations, which are in Nevada’s Tahoe Reno industrial complex, the company said.
Aqua Metals president Steve Cotton said the company has achieved official lead vendor approval from Ireland-headquartered battery producer Johnson Controls, extended module uptimes of five consecutive days and made significant steps towards achieving positive contribution margin during the fourth quarter.


Andrea Hotter

December 18, 2018

14:07 GMT

New York