EUROPE VANADIUM SNAPSHOT: V2O5, ferro-vanadium prices plummet amid year-end trader selling and improved availability

Key data from the Friday December 21 pricing session in London.

Key drivers:
- Ferro-vanadium and V2O5 prices take a beating from aggressive trader selling and weak consumer demand at the end of the calendar year, alongside concerns over increased availability of Chinese material in Rotterdam.

- Slump in V2O5 brings feed prices theoretically more in line with ferro-vanadium prices, when conversion costs are considered: V2O5 at about $16/lb equates to ferro-vanadium prices around $70/kg, according to market sources. V2O5 prices slumps 34.7% over the course of the week, while ferro-vanadium falls 23.2% (assessed at $90-95/kg on December 14), according to...


Charlotte Radford

December 21, 2018

21:46 GMT