Zambian copper concs import duty takes effect despite threat to output

The Zambian government has decided to go ahead with the application of a new import duty on copper concentrates this month despite strong opposition from the country’s copper producers.

The producers told Fastmarkets on Thursday January 3 that they will be compelled to slash output and to lay off mine workers as a result of the new duty.
“No announcement has been officially issued by the government. We have just been told that we have to pay the import duty from now on,” a Zambian producer source said. “We are all very angry.”
Over the first nine months of last year, 446,761 tonnes of copper concentrates were brought into Zambia, Africa’s second-largest copper producer, according to the World Bureau of Metal Statistics (WBMS).

“We will have to reduce output significantly,” a...


Julian Luk

January 03, 2019

13:20 GMT