US ferrous scrap export prices sink in new sale to Turkey

The United States' ferrous scrap export prices plummeted by almost $50 per tonne in a fresh bulk sale from the East Coast to Turkey, triggering another wave of large price reductions at the docks.

After a six-week silence, a Turkish steelmaker returned to the US market booking 33,000 tonnes of an 80:20 mix of No1 and No2 heavy melting scrap (HMS) at $280 per tonne cfr, 3,000 tonnes of shredded scrap at $285 per tonne cfr and 5,000 tonnes of bonus-grade scrap at $290 per tonne cfr for delivery in January. This prompt shipment cargo was priced $49 per tonne below the...


January 04, 2019

20:40 GMT

New York