China’s environmental watchdog to launch new inspections, minor metals participants downplay impact

From 2019, Chinese central government regulators will begin a new round of environmental protection inspections in the country’s metals and mining industry, which will take about four years to complete.

The affected regions include all 31 provinces – including districts and cities – in China that were included in an earlier round of environmental inspections that took place over the past three years, according to Liu Changgen, head of the Chinese Ministry of Ecology and Environment’s central inspection office. This year and over the next two years, central government inspectors will once again carry out environmental supervision in those 31 provinces, Liu said at the Ministry of Ecology and Environment’s monthly press conference last December. The central inspection team will then begin subsequent checks in 2022, reporting the progress made since earlier inspections. If...


Huaqing Fu

January 10, 2019

09:40 GMT