Definitive safeguard measures might not be enough to protect EU market, Eurofer says

European steel association Eurofer is concerned that the definitive measures in the European Commission’s safeguard case against steel product imports will not be enough to protect the region’s markets from material redirected from the United States.

“While we welcome this endorsement, we are nevertheless worried that the form of the final measures may undermine their intended safeguarding function,” the director general of Eurofer, Axel Eggert, said on Thursday January 17.
“It is therefore vital that the [European] Commission closely monitors EU steel demand development, and adjusts the generous increase of the tariff-free import quota accordingly in July 2019, if necessary,” he added.
The EU member states voted on January 16 to support the proposal for definitive measures in the region’s safeguard investigation into imported steel.

The European Commission (EC) will now finalise the procedure, so that the...


Maria Tanatar

January 17, 2019

17:55 GMT