US copper scrap market moves closer to balance

The copper and brass scrap markets in the United States are shifting back toward a supply-demand balance, but availability of some high-grade copper scrap items remains tight and continues to pressure spreads.

“Copper scrap is in a calm equilibrium… Spreads have ticked up some, but [that’s] normal for the time of year,” one consumer said. “[We are] are full. Metal is flowing to us well.” Other consumers shared similar views, but noted that challenges in buying high-grade copper scrap - exacerbated by strong overseas demand - persist in the spot market. “Everything is relatively balanced, and people are locking in positions. But this this month we needed prompt metal and I could not cover it, so I had to find an alternative. If you don’t have metal bought, it’s tough to...


Bradley MacAulay

January 17, 2019

22:23 GMT