US non-ferrous auto shred price pressured by supply concerns

Pressure is mounting in the non-ferrous auto shred (twitch) market in the United States, with suppliers and consumers in strong negotiations for material next month.

Fastmarkets AMM's assessment of twitch remained unchanged at 53-55 cents per lb delivered to the Midwest on Thursday January 17, but sources in negotiations suggested that prices could bump upward in the coming weeks. Currently, “we're trying to sell twitch for January. With ferrous markets coming down the material flows are coming down, and this could add some weight to the twitch price,” one US supplier said. In fact, auto shredder operators in some regions have already seen inbound flows drop by 20% in the recent weeks, a trend that could become exacerbated by the arrival of cold weather...


Bradley MacAulay

January 18, 2019

19:07 GMT