Brazilian steel consumption grows by 7.30% in 2018, misses estimates

Brazil’s apparent steel consumption totaled 20.57 million tonnes in 2018, an increase of 7.30% from 19.17 million tonnes the year before, according to the national steel association Aço Brasil.

The volume was lower than expected after demand slowed in the final month of last year, the association said on Monday January 21. Apparent use totaled 1.53 million tonnes in December 2018, 1.90% lower than the 1.56 million tonnes consumed in the same month of 2017. In its previous forecast review last December, Aço Brasil estimated consumption would reach 21.17 million tonnes in 2018. Full-year figures missed even the previous, more conservative estimate of 20.61 million tonnes. Apparent use decreased amid...


Renato Rostás

January 22, 2019

07:43 GMT

São Paulo