US PIG IRON: Market weak but further reductions doubtful

Pig iron buyers in the United States have continued purchasing materials for restocking purposes but at low prices, although further reductions were doubtful because suppliers were not ready to reduce prices further, sources told Fastmarkets on Friday January 25.

Fastmarkets’ import price assessment for pig iron in the US was $340-350 per tonne cfr on Friday, widening downward from $345-350 per tonne cfr a week before. One US buyers purchased 70,000 tonnes of pig iron from Russia at around $350 per tonne cfr late last week. Another buyer bought around 35,000 tonnes of pig iron from the south of Brazil at $310 per tonne fob, which would be close to $333 per tonne cfr in the US. This deal was not considered when assessing the...


Marina Shulga

January 25, 2019

18:06 GMT