GLOBAL TUNGSTEN WRAP: Chinese APT price edges down on soft demand; European ferro-tungsten market weakens

The price of ammonium paratungstate (APT) continued its downward trend last week amid weakening demand, while Fanya stock fears re-appeared following news the failed exchange is releasing some indium stocks for auction.

APT price falls in China; spot activity picks up in Europe but sentiment still bearish  Concentrate price stable amid slow trading  European ferro-tungsten edges down on concluded business; price in China unchanged Fastmarkets MB assessed the fob China ammonium paratungstate price, min 88.5% WO3, at $258-273 per metric tonne unit (mtu) on Wednesday January 22, down from $260-275 per mtu in the previous week. The price drop was attributed to softer demand ahead of the Chinese New Year holiday on February 4-10.  Trading activities have slowed ahead of Chinese New Year, when most market participants will be away for the week-long public holiday, with some traders lowering their offers to secure deals...


Ewa Manthey

Huaqing Fu

January 28, 2019

13:05 GMT

London; Shanghai