US President Trump fortifies Buy America requirements for infrastructure

United States President Donald Trump strengthened Buy America requirements for infrastructure in an executive order on Thursday January 31, in a potential boost to domestic iron, steel and aluminium industries, among others.

The order directs government agencies, within 90 days, to “encourage” recipients of federal dollars to use “to the greatest extent practicable, iron and aluminium as well as, steel, cement and other manufactured products produced in the United States in every contract, subcontract, purchase order or sub award.”
Currently, much government or government-funded infrastructure work has certain Buy America, or domestic sourcing, requirements already built in. But this order would close gaps in those requirements, which have let “billions” in taxpayer dollars avoid Buy America rules, Peter Navarro, Trump’s director of the Office of Trade and Manufacturing Policy, said in a statement on Thursday January 31.

In terms of scope, the order covers such materials as aluminium, concrete, glass and lumber, as well as iron and steel. For iron and steel, the US-made definition requires the steel to be both melted and finished - up to the application of coatings...


Nat Rudarakanchana

January 31, 2019

21:37 GMT