INTERVIEW: Steel raw material prices to dip in 2019 - Fastmarkets MB analyst Falk

Market participants will take a cautious stance on steel raw materials in 2019, with the possibly of falling iron ore and coking coal prices hanging over the market, Fastmarkets MB analyst Miriam Falk said.

Fastmarkets was the winner of the 2018 Apex award for price forecasting in the steel raw material category, with 96.36% accuracy.
“Although there is renewed optimism regarding the trade talks between China and the United States, as well as expectations of economic stimulus in China which could boost steel demand, we remain cautious for 2019,” Falk said.
“We expect iron ore and coking coal prices to come down slightly. In the short term, however, prices may be boosted by activity after the Chinese New Year later next month,” she added.

The Fastmarkets MB iron ore index delivered to China, normalized to cfr Qingdao and...


Alice Mason

February 01, 2019

12:05 GMT