EU definitive safeguards will not stop the rise in steel imports, Eurofer says

The levels of the quotas set as definitive measures by the European Commission (EC) will not stop the rise in the region’s import volumes, European steel association Eurofer said on Friday February 1.

The EC will impose definitive safeguard measures from February 2 on a list of imported steel products, in the form of tariff rates and a range of quotas that are partly annual and country-specific and partly quarterly and global. The measures will replace the provisional measures that have been in place since July 2018. The measures concern 26 steel product categories and consist of tariff-rate quotas, with any imports that exceed the quota becoming subject to duty at 25%. The measures will be in place for a period of three years. This will be calculated to include the period of the...


Maria Tanatar

February 01, 2019

17:45 GMT