US structural tubing prices rise on mill increases

Prices for domestically produced structural tubing in the United States strengthened after some mills said they were collecting part or all of the $40-per-ton ($2-per-hundredweight) price increase announced in late January.

Because prices were still falling when the increase was introduced, there has been disagreement among mills and distributors as to where the new prices should be after factoring in the additional $40 per ton.  At least two mills reported that they were insisting upon the full $40 per ton and have sold thousands of tons at that increase. Other market participants stated that the largest producers had offered discounts in the two business days before the increase were announced on January 29-30, and have since returned to where prices were a few days prior.  "Unfortunately, games are being played," an East Coast distributor said. "There was a lot of price reductions right before the...


Dom Yanchunas

February 08, 2019

22:28 GMT

New York