PRICING NOTICE: Consultation extended for proposed changes to specifications for Japan, South Korea high-carbon ferro-chrome price assessments

Fastmarkets has extended the consultation period for proposed changes to the specifications of its high-carbon ferro-chrome price assessments for Japan and South Korea.

Following an initial proposal in September 2018 to tighten the description of chrome content in the specifications of the above price assessments, Fastmarkets received further feedback and suggestions on refining the description of the silicon content in the specifications of the two price assessments.
Therefore, Fastmarkets has decided to extend the consultation period and carry out a comprehensive chemical specification review.
At present, the chemical specifications of the two price assessments state all data points will be considered for material with a minimum chrome content of 60% and a maximum silicon content of 3-4%.
Fastmarkets proposes tightening the chemistry specifications description of chrome from “Cr: 60% min” to “Cr: 60% basis” in accordance with the name of the price assessments.

Likewise with the silicon content, Fastmarkets proposes to amend...


Karen Ng

February 28, 2019

04:30 GMT