CHINA HRC: Export prices edge closer to domestic values, sources anticipate demand rebound

China’s export hot-rolled coil prices moved closer to domestic values on Wednesday February 27, with buyers willing to take higher prices in the expectation that global demand will rebound soon.

Domestic Eastern China (Shanghai): 3,800-3,830 yuan ($567-572) per tonne, unchanged Northern China (Tianjin): 3,750-3,760 yuan per tonne, narrowing at both ends Domestic prices today were mainly stable . Sellers in Shanghai started trading in the morning at 3,830 yuan per tonne. Some buyers bought at that price, but volumes were small, which forced sellers to lower their prices to 3,800-3,810 yuan per tonne in the afternoon. Trading in Tianjin today was also...


Miranda Song

February 27, 2019

09:58 GMT