Trade log March 2019: Cobalt

Cobalt trade log including business, bids and offers reported to Fastmarkets.

Unless otherwise stated, all prices are per lb on an in-warehouse basis. Delivered prices are netted back.
Fastmarkets prices
Click here for Fastmarkets’ price assessment for standard-grade cobalt, in-warehouse, $ per lb
Click here for Fastmarkets’ price assessment for alloy-grade cobalt, in-warehouse, $ per lb
In light of feedback received as part of the consultation on its international cobalt price specifications, Fastmarkets changed the names of its benchmark in-warehouse Rotterdam cobalt price assessments on January 2, 2019. The name ‘standard-grade’ has replaced the name ‘low-grade’. The name ‘alloy-grade’ has replaced the name ‘high-grade’. Click here for further details about the name changes and consultation process.
Click here for Fastmarkets’ cobalt methodology and specifications document.
Fastmarkets launched two reference prices for the cobalt hydroxide market on February 28. Click here for details.

The London Metal Exchange launched a new cash-settled cobalt contract, settled against Fastmarkets’ benchmark standard-grade cobalt price, on Monday March 11....


Charlotte Radford

April 01, 2019

13:45 GMT