CHINA REBAR: Tangshan production restrictions push down billet prices, no impact on rebar

China’s rebar prices were flat amid active trading on Friday March 8, although billet prices in Tangshan dropped after local authorities imposed new production restrictions earlier this week aimed at improving air quality in the city in northeastern China.

Domestic  Eastern China (Shanghai): 3,780-3,810 yuan ($563-568) per tonne, unchanged Northern China (Beijing): 3,750-3,800 yuan per tonne, unchanged The Tangshan local government are requiring production restrictions on local sintering facilities and re-rolling mills from March 1-31 in a bid to improve air quality in the city in Heibei province. Blast-furnace mills have been able to keep the same production rates as before the new measures were announced on March 4 since they have sufficient stocks of sintered ore, but  many re-rolling mills...


Jessica Zong

March 08, 2019

08:59 GMT