Uncertainty clouds US aluminium scrap market

The aluminium scrap market in the United States was largely unmoved over the past week, but with expectations of warmer weather to come - and uncertainty regarding the robustness of secondary aluminium alloy demand - some scrap prices came under pressure.

“Some suppliers are still trying to eke out a little push in terms of price from previous weather delays, but with warmer weather coming now and collection rates coming up, the market is mostly sideways. Our finished sales volumes are pretty good, but we are hearing and experiencing a little bit of a slowdown,” one US consumer said. Other consumers shared similar concerns regarding sales of the benchmark A380.1 secondary aluminium alloy heading into March, noting that they will be keeping a close eye on the market in the coming weeks. “Alloy sales are just okay. We haven’t seen any cancellations yet, but there is some fear. Auto...


Bradley MacAulay

March 08, 2019

22:28 GMT