GLOBAL ANTIMONY WRAP: European, Chinese prices soften as markets await further falls

The price of antimony in China continued to fall for a second week in the latest assessment period, which ended on Wednesday March 6, after some domestic suppliers cut their prices further to clear inventories.

Many consumers were not keen on buying to restock, however, because they expected yet another fall in the price. Fastmarkets assessed the price for MMTA standard-grade II antimony, delivered duty-paid in China, at 47,000-48,000 yuan ($6,981-7,129) per tonne on March 6, down by 1% from 47,500-48,500 yuan per tonne a week ago. Antimony producers that were overwhelmed by stock pressure showed their willingness to give further ground on the price, for the purpose of clearing their inventories while achieving better cash flow. Several market participants ascribed the recent fall in the antimony price to abundance of supply, but others believed that it was a result of consumers’ unwillingness to place orders. “Although demand has...


Cristina Belda

Amy Lv

March 11, 2019

14:45 GMT

Shanghai, London