ASIAN FERRO-ALLOYS CONF: Increasingly stable manganese ore market could squeeze profitability - panel

The manganese ore market is likely to remain stable over 2019 after the previous two years of volatility, though profitability is liable to shrink, according to panelists at Fastmarkets’ Asian Ferro-alloys conference in Hong Kong on Monday March 11.

“The market is less volatile compared to the last two years because while supply has gone up, demand has gone up too,” Lei Fei, China Minmetals Corporation general manager of the carbon steel alloys department, said at a panel on March 11. “After the previous spike in demand, market demand will be stable for the coming years,” Zhou Jian, chairman of Guangxi Guikang New Materials, said. While a ramp-up in silico-manganese production meant demand soared over the past two years, silico-manganese...


Karen Ng

March 13, 2019

11:10 GMT

Hong Kong