CHINA REBAR: VAT cut sparks mixed reaction from market

Participants in China’s rebar market reacted differently to the impending reduction of value-added tax in the country, resulting in a widening of domestic prices on Friday March 15.

Eastern China (Shanghai): 3,800-3,860 yuan ($565-574) per tonne, widened by 10 yuan per tonne on both ends
Northern China (Beijing): 3,790-3,850 yuan per tonne, widened upward by 20 yuan per tonne
China’s value-added tax will be lowered to 13% on April 1 from the current 16% for the manufacturing industry, and to 9% from 10% for the construction and transportation sectors, state-owned news agency Xinhua reported.

In response to the development, some buyers raised their procurement...


Jessica Zong

March 15, 2019

10:20 GMT