Part of Hydro’s rolling, extrusion ops to restart after cyber attack

Norsk Hydro will restart certain rolling and extrusion operations to allow for continued deliveries to customers, a day after a cyber attack caused temporary halts on its operations, chief financial officer Eivind Kallevik said in a press release on Wednesday March 20.

In an earlier press release on Tuesday, Kallevik said every unit was isolated from the company’s global network to prevent the attack from spreading. Bauxite and alumina operations in Brazil are operating as normal, as are primary metal units, although with a higher degree of manual activities. “The most critical point is to find a cure for the virus and to find the serves which are attacked and fix them,” Kallevik told journalists yesterday after initial...


Alice Mason

Renato Rostás

March 20, 2019

13:42 GMT

London, São Paulo