Zambia's sales tax launch pending further gov instructions; could be delayed to June – sources

The Zambian Revenue Authority (ZRA) is now awaiting further instructions from the government on the implementation of the new sales tax, while industry sources are raising doubts on the likelihood of a April 1 launch date citing lack of infrastructure support for the nationwide measure.

The ZRA had targeted a launch date for its sales tax of April 1, 2019, it told Fastmarkets in an emailed statement on March 13.
Yet less than a week later, the ZRA has said it is now awaiting further notice from the government in response to additional inquiries by Fastmarkets.
News of the sales tax had sparked fears among copper miners of a significant hike in procurements costs because the sales tax, which is expected to replace value-added tax (VAT), will be non-refundable.


Julian Luk

March 21, 2019

16:33 GMT