GLOBAL ANTIMONY WRAP: Cheap Chinese offers find no resistance; views split on European price direction

The Chinese antimony price continued to trend down for the fourth consecutive week amid persistently weak demand and abundant supply in the latest assessment period ended Wednesday March 20.

Fastmarkets’ price assessment for MMTA standard-grade II antimony, delivered duty-paid in China, fell 1.6% week on week to 45,000-46,000 yuan ($6,723-6,872) per tonne on Wednesday March 20, from 46,000-46,500 yuan per tonne in the previous week. Many Chinese antimony ingot consumers remained wary of restocking last week and were awaiting a further dip in the antimony price after noticing that sitting on the sidelines would continue to push the price down. The Chinese antimony price has fallen by 5.2% since February 28 when the price was 47,500-48,500 yuan per tonne. “We are quite cautious about our stockpiling volume these days when the price has been on the decline and domestic supply seems to be adequate. I believe many other consumers will make similar moves because you are...


Cristina Belda

Amy Lv

March 25, 2019

15:06 GMT

Shanghai, London