US lead-acid battery price hits 4-month high

Spent lead-acid battery prices have risen slightly in the United States, reaching a more than four-month high due to sustained domestic and offshore demand, along with tighter supply.

“Demand from the battery sector is off slightly from the mid-winter period but most plants seem to be operating at a good level,” one US buyer source said. “[Flows of] scrap batteries have slowed a bit so prices are rising slightly.” Fastmarkets AMM's assessment of whole lead-acid batteries delivered to smelters rose by $1 per hundredweight to $33-35 per cwt on Tuesday March 26, the highest assessment since November 6 when prices reached the same level. Meanwhile, other lead scrap prices were unchanged from previous levels. But...


Elizabeth Ramanand

March 27, 2019

21:10 GMT

New York