GLOBAL MANGANESE WRAP: Ore prices diverge by grade, high-grade market strengthens

Manganese ore prices have diverged according to grade, increasing the gap between 37% and 44% ore after buyers complained about the cost of the low-grade material.

37% manganese ore slides, 44% ticks up Alloy prices diverge in China Indian silico-manganese prices hold steady Alloys stage mixed performance in Europe, US Prices for low- and high-grade manganese ore diverged at the end of March amid mixed signals from buyers and complaints that the gap between the two grades had been narrowing too far. Fastmarkets’ 37% manganese ore index, cif Tianjin, weakened by 5 cents to $6.17 per dry metric tonne unit (dmtu) on Friday March 29. Fastmarkets' 37% manganese ore index, fob Port Elizabeth, dropped by 5 cents to $5.51 per dmtu on the same day. “People are not happy with these price levels and I think liquidity is falling as a result. I expect ore prices to fall a little because the market is not sustainable for alloys producers,” an ore producer told Fastmarkets. Fastmarkets’ 44% manganese ore index, cif Tianjin, rose by 10 cents to $6.46...


Janie Davies

Chris Kavanagh

Declan Conway

Karen Ng

Jon Stibbs

April 02, 2019

04:38 GMT

Singapore, Galway, New York, London