CESCO - INTERVIEW: Geopolitics add uncertainty but copper outlook solid, Anglo copper CEO says

Current global geopolitics add an element of uncertainty to the copper sector but the market’s solid fundamentals have prevented a strong reaction in the metal’s price, according to Hennie Faul, the chief executive officer of Anglo American’s copper business.

There is nonetheless an inevitable knock-on impact on decision-making for investments, Faul said in an interview with Fastmarkets as part of the annual CESCO industry week in Santiago, Chile.
“The trade wars are ongoing and it certainly puts indecision into the market. Certain decisions or investments that need to be made by the major powers just take a bit longer - there’s hesitation in the rollout of certain programs, whether by industry or by countries themselves,” Faul said.

“But copper is still a fundamental product of a decarbonized economy. Geopolitics haven’t unnerved us and the fact that the price is holding up is just a further confirmation that the fundamentals...


Andrea Hotter

April 08, 2019

13:00 GMT

Santiago, Chile