US non-ferrous scrap export market bracing for more uncertainty

Non-ferrous scrap exporters in the US are bracing for a bumpy second quarter, with China’s looming import regulations casting a shadow over the industry and prompting many to take a conservative view on trade for the coming months.

With sparse details available on China's impending import restrictions - and a rumored quota system - set to take effect on July 1, delegates at ISRI’s national conference, held April 8-11 in Los Angeles, said they remain stuck in an unstable equilibrium. “Over the next few months there’s a lot of uncertainty over what is going to happen in China. We just need to get through June. No one really knows how licenses are going to be shuffled around. There is just a lot of uncertainty,” one delegate said. An import quota system is expected to be put into effect in July, similar to restrictions put in place over the past year to curb the inflow...


April 12, 2019

22:47 GMT

Los Angeles