MMTA CONF: Fanya stocks to remain a worry for indium market – Zhuzhou Keneng New Material

Stocks on the failed Fanya Metal Exchange will remain a concern for indium market participants with the questions of how investors will be compensated and how the stocks will be dealt with continuing to loom over the market, according to Zhuzhou Keneng New Material’s product director, Mandy Yin.

Earlier this year, Fanya attempted to auction almost 35 tonnes of indium stocks held in its warehouses. Although the auction failed to attract any bidders, the news raised concerns that other minor metals stocks held in Fanya warehouses will be auctioned in the near future. There are 3,629 tonnes of indium - or six years’ worth of global supply - believed to be in Fanya’s sheds. Other metals on the exchange are also in huge surplus. There is around two years of Chinese bismuth supply held and two months of antimony output. The Fanya Metal Exchange was initially a boon to China’s domestic market when it launched in 2011, providing another outlet for producers to sell their material and giving a group of new investors the opportunity to step into the...


Ewa Manthey

April 15, 2019

09:38 GMT