US threatens high tariffs to counter EU aircraft subsidies

The US government has proposed new import duties of up to 100% on a wide range of products from the European Union, as a countermeasure for sales lost by the US aerospace industry due to EU subsidies paid to Airbus, the US Trade Representative said in a notice published in the Federal Register on Friday April 12.

In a preliminary list, the USTR named a variety of goods that would be subject to the duties. The final duty amount and product list is subject to World Trade Organization (WTO) arbitration; the USTR expects those results to be released this summer. The US first requested WTO dispute settlement consultations regarding the Airbus subsidies in 2004. European subsidies to Airbus - made by the United Kingdom, France, Germany and Spain - break those countries’ and the EU’s fair-trade commitments under WTO agreements, according...


INS - Keith Nuthall

April 15, 2019

22:59 GMT