US copper market optimism grows; Q2 pick-up eyed

The copper market in the United States stands out for global investors amid a backdrop of soft European and Chinese demand while American buyers grow more confident moving into the second quarter - one of the busiest times of the year, when construction demand peaks and the premium market normally gets a bump.

"In general, people look like [they are] more optimistic on copper prospects for the future. Demand and supply both will be good supporters of the copper market," one US-based supplier said. "Here in the US, I think we may see higher premiums supported by demand and supply. We have to keep an eye on the arbitrage movement in the coming weeks," the supplier added. Fastmarkets AMM assessed the US copper cathode premium at 7-7.75 cents per lb delivered...


Dalton Barker

April 16, 2019

23:12 GMT