US imposes preliminary anti-dumping duties on China-made steel wheels

The United States Department of Commerce will impose preliminary anti-dumping duties of 37.65% and 43.73% on imports of China-made steel wheels in diameters of 12.0-16.5in, it has announced.

Commerce will instruct the US Customs and Border Protection agency to collect this money as a deposit from importers, it said. These fees will be refunded if final assessments conclude that the exports have not been dumped on the US market. But if the duties are confirmed, as usually happens in such cases, the money will be banked by the US government. The final decision on the duties is scheduled to be made by August 15. Commerce will first consult interested parties on its initial conclusions, which include that the...


INS - Keith Nuthall

INS - Ed Zwirn

April 17, 2019

21:00 GMT