Aluminium billet import premiums for Aluar material hit $460-490/t in Brazil during Q1

Aluminium billet import premiums in Brazil for material from Aluar - the sole producer in neighboring Argentina - were at $460-490 per tonne cif during the first quarter of the year, the company told Fastmarkets MB.

In March and April, the import premiums were slightly closer to the low end of the range but have averaged nearer $470 per tonne this month. The most recent deal heard for the Argentinian producer’s material was a 100-tonne cargo sold at that average premium of $470 per tonne cif in the second half of April. Aluar usually offers material into Brazil at higher premiums than its competitors because Argentina and Brazil are both members of...


Renato Rostás

April 29, 2019

18:00 GMT

São Paulo