Access World lists 25 new LME-warehouses; market expects large aluminium delivery

Warehouse operator Access World has significantly increased its London Metal Exchange warehouse presence in Port Klang, Malaysia, by listing 25 new LME-registered warehouses there over the past two weeks.

Nineteen Access World-owned warehouses in Port Klang were listed on Monday April 29, according to an LME notice. Six had previously been listed on April 17 in Port Klang. Before the mass listing of warehouses, Access World only had one registered warehouse in Port Klang. ISTIM still has the largest share of warehouses in Port Klang, owning 32 LME-listed warehouses. It also listed one on April 29. In total, there are now 72 LME-listed warehouses in Port Klang, overtaking Busan, which has 57 LME-warehouses, as the location with the second-largest number of LME-listed warehouses. Rotterdam still has the highest number of LME-listed warehouses with 127. Market expects mass warranting of aluminium Market sources expect a large volume of aluminium to...


Alice Mason

April 29, 2019

18:48 GMT