Trade log May 2019: Selenium

The latest selenium transactions, bids, offers and assessments in Europe reported to Fastmarkets.

Unless otherwise stated, all prices are per lb and on an in-warehouse Rotterdam basis. Delivered prices are netted back. To view the latest price assessment, click here. To see all Fastmarkets’ pricing methodology and specification documents, go to: Friday May 31 -500 kg sold at $9.75 -1,000 kg sold at $10.50 -500 kg sold at $9.25 -500 kg sold at $9 -4,000 kg sold at around 6.85 (discounted price) -Material offered at $7.15 -Material offered at 10.50 -Prices indicated at $9.50-11 -Prices indicated at $9-11 -Prices indicated at $9-11 -Prices indicated at $9-11 -Prices indicated at $8.50-10.50 Fastmarkets MB moved the price down to $9-10.50 per lb in-warehouse based on deals concluded and offers, which indicate the price is weakening. Several market participants also confirmed a downtrend that started to emerge a week ago. Sales were reported at $6.85 per lb, $9 per lb, $9.25 per lb, $9.75 per lb and $10.50 per lb. A producer received an offer at...


Charlotte Radford

Cristina Belda

June 03, 2019

17:35 GMT