Russia tells Mexico its anti-dumping duties on Russian steel are illegal, outdated

Russia has criticized Mexico at the World Trade Organisation (WTO) for maintaining anti-dumping duties on Russian steel exports, which it claims are outdated, being based on pricing assessments using data from a different country.

The Mexican government used this method for past dumping calculations on Russian steel because it is permitted under WTO rules where a government dominates an economy that does not operate as a free market. But Russia says it is now a free-market country and so the duties should be scrapped. Anti-dumping duty calculations are designed to highlight exports sold at below a realistic market cost, giving them an unfair advantage against manufacturers that sell at market rates. These domestic manufacturers can then be protected by anti-dumping duties to level the market playing field. Regarding the duties of concern to Russia, Mexico imposed them in 2005 on Russian-made carbon steel plate in sheets at 36.8%; in 2000 on hot-rolled sheet at 30.31%; in 1999 on cold-rolled sheet at 83% to 88%; and 1996 on steel plate in coils at 29.3%. These duties have since...


INS - Keith Nuthall

May 03, 2019

12:32 GMT