EC proposes measures to prevent 'double-duty' on steel product imports

The European Commission (EC) has proposed measures that would prevent the effects of anti-dumping or anti-subsidy duties being combined with the safeguard measures that have been applied on imports of certain steel products.

“Cumulation of anti-dumping or anti-subsidy measures with safeguards may lead to a greater effect than desirable, and this issue should be examined in due course,” the EC said on Monday April 29.
The safeguard measures use a combination of quotas and a tariff of 25% that is applied when the quota for a commodity or exporting region is fully taken up.
The EC wants to avoid the imposition of “double remedies”, so that an anti-dumping measure will not be applied in addition to the 25% tariff after the quota is exhausted.


Maria Tanatar

May 03, 2019

12:50 GMT