US ferro-silicon price downtrend continues; European market stabilizes

The US ferro-silicon price continued its precipitous fall last week amid pressure from the softer prices in global markets. Meanwhile, the European market found temporary stability amid shifting sentiment.

US ferro-silicon market continues to weaken US spot prices for ferro-silicon softened to 88-93 cents per lb on Thursday May 2, down by 2.7% from 92-94 cents per lb a week earlier, according to Fastmarkets MB’s latest assessment. This marks a second consecutive notable decline for the US ferro-silicon price, with the market now down 8.1% from 97-100 cents per lb on April 18. While a lack of consistent spot market activity had prevented prices from declining previously, an increase in trading over the last two weeks has provided clarity in the US ferro-silicon market. “The market has continued to correct toward the global market. It hasn’t all happened at once, but it takes time. The US lagging behind is not a new story. It always takes time to catch up whether it is going up or down,” a US-based supplier source said. Market participants noted the continued flow of cheaper imports...


Chris Kavanagh

Declan Conway

May 07, 2019

07:37 GMT

New York, Galway