FOCUS: Silicon refineries in south China delay restarts on rising costs, weak market

A decision by some silicon metal producers in southern China not to resume operations immediately after the start of the region’s rainy season could signal the development of a wider trend across the south country, Fastmarkets MB understands.

Increasing costs arising from China’s anti-pollution drive and a persistently weak market has caused some silicon metal producers in the southern Chinese provinces of Yunnan and Sichuan to delay the restart of their refining operations.
Refineries in these provinces typically undergo scheduled maintenances in April and May in preparation for the rainy season in May-November, traditionally a time of reduced electricity costs for producers due to the availability of cheaper hydroelectricity.
Indeed, most silicon producers in Yunnan province will only operate during the rainy season owing to the lower production costs achieved through the use of hydroelectricity, market sources told Fastmarkets MB.
But an increasing number of silicon producers in southern China were heard to have postponed the resumption of their refining operations following the completion of maintenance shutdowns, citing a weak market and rising costs stemming from the need to install new environmental friendly equipment.

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Huaqing Fu

May 10, 2019

07:50 GMT