Aperam calls for EC to implement ‘fair trade measures’ on Indonesian stainless steel

Stainless steelmaker Aperam has called for the European Commission (EC) to implement “fair trade measures for developing countries that are currently exempt from the safeguard [quota-tariff measures in Europe], such as Indonesia,” it said this week.

“The question of exempting certain developing countries remains to be addressed, in particular in hot-rolled stainless steel,” chief executive officer Timoteo Di Maulo said during a conference call on Wednesday May 8.
“[Notwithstanding] state subsidies and tax breaks, material produced with nickel pig iron [NPI] is… highly polluting, with a carbon footprint as much as four times higher than that of Aperam [products],” he added.
Europe-based Aperam is in discussions with the EC about imports of both hot-rolled and cold-rolled stainless steel from Indonesia, it said.

“For cold-rolled material, Indonesia...


Viral Shah

May 10, 2019

18:42 GMT