CHINA HRC: Export market inactive amid domestic price fluctuations

China’s export hot-rolled coil prices were largely stable on Wednesday May 22 amid sparse trading as domestic spot and futures prices fluctuated.

Eastern China (Shanghai): 4,020-4,050 yuan ($582-586) per tonne, up 10-20 yuan per tonne
Northern China (Tianjin): 3,900-3,930 yuan per tonne, widening upward 10 yuan per tonne
Mills' offers were around 20 yuan per tonne higher than on Tuesday but trading thinned as the day progressed after futures prices dipped.

While sellers in Tianjin were offering 3,920-3,930 yuan per tonne in the morning session, by late afternoon buyers could strike deals...


Miranda Song

May 22, 2019

11:05 GMT