China’s alumina price uptrend may end in July amid easing tightness - sources

The bullish run in China’s alumina price may end in July on smaller than expected alumina production cuts in Xinfa Group’s alumina refineries and easing tightness after more imported cargoes arrive, sources told Fastmarkets on Thursday May 30.

“I heard the aluminium production lines in Xinfa’s Jiaokou plant were not fully stopped because the materials loaded in previously were not used up and it may last until the beginning of next month,” a trade source in southern China said.
Fastmarkets also learned that the Huaqing aluminium company is in a similar state to the Xinfa refinery with just half of its production lines live and the material already in the refinery production lines potentially sustaining operations until the begging of June.
Sources also mentioned at least three alumina cargoes amounting to 95,000 tonnes were on their way to China after Xinfa Group was required to close its facility at the start of May after reports of a red mud leakage.



Hui Li

June 04, 2019

10:50 GMT