45 EU steel companies call for stronger safeguard measures by July 1

European steelmakers have called on the region’s policy-makers to take immediate action to strengthen the safeguard measures for the steel industry, with effect from July 1.

The call was made in an open letter signed by the chief executive officers of 45 EU steel companies, and was dated Monday June 3.
“Europe’s steel industry is in crisis because of external factors, yet as a strategic sector it underpins the survival of entire European value chains,” the letter said.
The steelmakers also called for an emergency meeting with the European authorities to discuss solutions that would ensure that the sector survives in the face of external pressures that create a supply-demand imbalance.

The European Commission (EC) initiated a review of its steel import safeguard measures in the middle of May....


Maria Tanatar

June 04, 2019

14:38 GMT