INTL NICKEL CONF: Potential 2030 ban on ICEs could drive 80% nickel share of EV battery market – LMC Automotive

A potential global ban on internal combustion engines (ICEs) by 2030 could facilitate a growth in nickel’s share of the electric vehicle battery market to 80%, Al Bedwell of automotive intelligence provider LMC Automotive said at the 7th International Nickel Conference on Thursday June 6.

The potential for a ban of traditional ICE vehicles by 2030 is driven by crackdowns on carbon emissions in Europe and China, divisional director of LMC Automotive’s Global Powertrain Bedwell told delegates in Amsterdam. And such a ban is supported by an increase in global EV penetration, he added. While carmakers are manufacturing newer ICE vehicles that produce lower harmful emissions to meet tough standards - going some way to maintain demand in the short term -...


Amy Hinton

June 06, 2019

13:10 GMT