CHINA REBAR: Prices rise amid loosening of project funding rules

China’s rebar prices rebounded on Tuesday June 11 after Beijing urged local governments to issue special bonds to support economic growth and maintain a reasonable level of liquidity in the market.

Eastern China (Shanghai): 3,900-3,940 yuan ($563-569) per tonne, up 30-40 yuan per tonne
Northern China (Beijing): 3,800-3,860 yuan per tonne, widened upward by 20 yuan per tonne
The State Council, in a statement issued late on Monday, encouraged local authorities to use special bonds and “other market-based financing methods” to fund the development of key regions and major projects.

A Shanghai-based industry research house said it was expecting infrastructure investment to grow by more than 10%...


Jessica Zong

June 11, 2019

11:07 GMT